How to Sleep Better with Feng Shui

We all lead stressful lives these days and most of us wonder how to sleep better.

However, not many people give much thought to the layout of the bedroom, and more specifically, how that affects the energy in the room. Feng Shui can help address some of these sleep problems, as well as provide you with a sense of general well being.

We spoke to Master Sarah McAllister, of the Feng Shui Agency, to come up with a guide that’s easy to understand and even easier to put into practice.

How to Sleep Better with Feng Shui

If you’re looking for more tips on how to be sleep well and be more healthy, find out about making soothing lavender bags or growing your own herbs and cooking up some delicious recipes.

Sarah McAllister has studied Feng Shui since 1998, and with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and Master Kajal Sheth since 2002. She is one of only six Feng Shui Masters in the Chue style tradition worldwide, and one of only three Urban Planning Feng Shui Masters in the world. She founded the Feng Shui agency in 2003 and can be contacted on 0844 848 4099 and found at

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