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The Best Holiday Reads 2014


Summer is in full throttle which means the holiday season is too. Whether you’re setting sail, jet-setting or staycationing in the UK, summer provides the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries.

My favourite way to ease into the holiday mode is always by starting a new book – reading is a great way to escape everyday life even if you’re not seeking out the sunshine!

If, like me, you fly through books on the beach, then your summer holiday is the ideal opportunity to sink your teeth into a really chunky, challenging read – though I always ease my way in with something scandalous and that little bit trashy first!

So what books should be your summer holiday reads 2014? Here’s the books you need in your suitcase …

The Lemon Grove ]

by Helen Walsh


Jenn and her husband Greg are holidaying in rural Majorca – but when Jenn’s stepdaughter Emma and her boyfriend Nathan arrive, things start to get interesting. Jenn finds herself fantasising about Nathan, and soon starts developing an inappropriate obsession. The Lemon Grove may be highly charged with sexual chemistry,  but it’s still psychologically substantial – the perfect poolside pleasure and one of the must-reads of the summer!

[ One Plus One ]

by Jojo Moyes


Eternal optimist Jess is trying to keep her head above water in her chaotic life as a single mum in a dysfunctional family. Ed, an up-and-coming tech guru, has fallen into some trouble. In a twist of fate the two meet – but could Jess and Ed add up to something better together?  Internationally best-selling author Jojo Moyes is an expert at crafting charming tales of love and heartbreak and delivers once again with this engaging, uplifting and life-affirming story.

Breakfast With The Borgias ]

by DBC Pierre


If you’re a fan of Hammer horror then the bone-chilling Breakfast with the Borgias makes a great getaway read, set in a eerie, isolated guesthouse on the Essex coast. Ari Paneck’s flight from Boston to Amsterdam is grounded by bad weather, and his walled-in nightmare with some eccentric fellow guests makes for a compelling read.

What are your top summer reads this year? 

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