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The Lumbersexual’s Footwear of Choice

If you’re still dressing like a Metrosexual, you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s time to twig to the latest trend and kindle a romance with the Lumbersexual look.

What is a Lumbersexual?

Rough and ready, strong and silent, the Lumbersexual looks like a hardened outdoorsman, but is he all he’s chopped up to be?

The chances are, as discerning male, you can already piece together the Lumbersexual look from your wardrobe. Do you own a plaid flannel shirt and a pair of jeans? Then you’re halfway there, but now is the time to make the leap from lumbersexual-curious to full-on flannel hoarder.

Fear not; we’re not sending you into the woods armed with an axe just yet. In fact, the Lumbersexual is more likely to be armed with a laptop and some intelligent conversation; his flannel feels soft to the touch and that burnt timber and whiskey scent comes from his cologne.

Denim, plaid and flannel

The perfect flannel shirt is one of the holy grails of wardrobery. You can wear it with everything.
Pick something plaid and team it with jeans, a sensible woollen hat (bonus man-points for ear-flaps) and some rugged hiking boots and you’ve pretty much nailed the look.

The only thing you’re missing now is a beard. And not just any beard, no, we’re talking a proper mountain beard. It’s ideal for winter warmth and is a free accessory that completes your rugged appearance – but keep it groomed, please. After all, it’s taking pride of place on your face.

The Footwear

Forget taking a taxi or hopping on your scooter; the Lumbersexual is all about the environment. Your new form of transport is the fixed-gear bike or shank’s pony – you’ll be putting your hiking boots to good use. Pick your staples:


Timberland is the Lumbersexual’s go-to brand, specialising in combining a lifestyle-look with all the robust design features that the outdoor life requires. The classic Timberland Earthkeepers Six-Inch boots are heritage inspired and only look better with wear, whilst their waterproof leathers and soft padding ensure comfort every day. Keep them in peak condition with the Timberland Waxed Leather Protector.


Once the attire of ruddy-cheeked farmers and now a fond fashion fix for fashion insiders, Barbour have the heritage look down to a tee and their technically advanced designs are still every bit as equipped for the country as urban landscapes.  We love the Barbour Belsay brogue boots: robust and burnished, they exude rugged attitude.

Panama Jack shoes are ever-ready for the next great adventure. Whether it’s a wilderness survival trip or a backyard BBQ, these Aviator boots have the style and substance to see it through. Soft cosy linings are as comfortable as that soft flannel shirt too, so the only thing your feet won’t feet is jealousy.


If you’re stuck for what to get the Lumbersexual in your life this Christmas, look no further than a rugged pair of man-boots; after all, his wardrobe is already bulging with plaid shirts.

And if you’re looking for a cheeky stocking-filler, might we point you in the direction of the Beard Bauble. Trim the tresses, deck the hairs and festoon the facial hair with these clip-on Christmas decorations to turn that fabulous fuzz  into festive works of art:


So is the Lumbersexual just another jaunty moniker for a modern man’s fashion evolution, and are you taking on this trend?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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