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Mini Me Style: Like Mother Like Daughter

This season’s must-wear looks are practical, comfortable and oh-so stylish – both for you and your trendy tots and teens!

She’s long been handing down life-lessons, so this Mother’s Day it’s time to let the lady of the house deliver a few lessons in the style department.

The latest trends start out at the highest level in fashion, quickly trickling down to the wearable, accessible high-street hottest looks for both us and our little ones! While mini-me dressing used to be a fashion taboo, now many parents want their children’s clothes to reflect their own grown-up tastes.

All children love to try their parents’ clothes just for fun. The mini-me fashion phenomenon allows little cuties to have their own pint-size versions of Mum’s go-to looks. Having your own mini-me can foster a sweet bond between mother and daughter, and this season’s selection of lookalike styles is fantastically fashionable and utterly adorable. After all, who doesn’t want their child to be the best dressed at the birthday party?

Scroll on for the cutest mini-me shoe styles around…

mothers day - converse edit 1 (1 of 1)Shop Converse: MumMini-me

mothers day - rieker (1 of 1)Shop ballet pumps: Mum / Mini-me

mothers day - ugg (1 of 1)Shop UGG: MumMini-me 

mothers day - barbour (1 of 1)Shop  Loafers: Mum / Mini-me

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