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The Nautical Edit: New Season Style

Beat the winter blues with nautical inspired style! Sun glasses: optional.


Imagine you’re relaxing on a remote beach, the listening to the low rumble of crashing waves. The smell of salt floats in the air and the sun feels warm on your skin. You dig your toes into the soft sand and take a sip of the ice-cold cocktail in your hand…

….and then you remember it’s the middle of the week, and the only way you’ll be living this seaside fantasy is through the beach-wave spray in your hair. Many of us made in through the first month of the year by scrolling through snaps of sunny climes and browsing for our next getaway, but why let reality (or a lack of holiday time) squash your dreams of sunny goodness when you can bring some getaway glam into your life with a nautical print?

Maritime fashions have been a significant element of summertime style for quite some time; rumour has it that the trend originated in 1846 when Queen Victoria commissioned a tiny navy and white sailor suit for her son, Albert, and the public loved the idea of utility wear as fashion. But look back further to the eighteenth century, and you’ll find extravagant headpieces that commemorated particular battles at sea were worn by ladies eager to show off their patriotism, as well as their style.

In more recent times Coco Chanel hailed the “graphic sensibility” of a maritime stripe and Breton tops and nautical navy blue suits became our wardrobe failsafes. Add to that fresh white knits and a good dose of denim and the perennially reinvented nautical trend provides some much needed respite from the continually evolving fashion carousel that we all aspire to be aboard.

Unwavering and always relevant, sophisticated seafaring style is the safest bet on the fashion circuit. Without fail, it triumphs every year and, somehow, nobody seems to tire of its wide trousers, stripy tops and raffia soles.

Of course, the look is only inspired by seaside themes – head-to-toe nautical will push you sartorially overboard. Accessorise. Start with a wedge or a boat shoe, a pair of light-ish denim jeans (because it isn’t full-fledged summer just yet) and round it out with a slouched, canvas bag. No boat required!

Check out our nautical-inspired shoes and styles below – and share your style snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments!

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