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Shoe Care

Look after your leather

Baby, it’s cold outside, which means you can’t procrastinate for too much longer. It’s time to get a leg-up on your cold weather footwear.But before you find you perfect pair and stomp them into the ground, read up on our super-simple tips that will help you keep your shoes in great shape through winter.

Leather love is in the air

When you take your boots off, leave them somewhere warm and dry, leaving any zips and fastenings undone. This will help air to circulate, preventing odours and moisture from getting trapped inside. Don’t store them next to radiators though; too much direct heat can dry leather out, causing it to become brittle and even crack.


Shape up

Investing in a shoe tree is the best way to keep your new boots in great shape, as not only do they come in the perfect size, but they’re designed to absorb any sweat and moisture that might be left lurking inside. In a pinch, you can stuff clean, balled-up socks into the toes for similar effect – a great trick if you’re travelling light.

Clean spills ASAP

Accidents happen, but you can mitigate any immediate damage with a clean, dry washcloth. Blot away wetness or gently dab away debris; don’t rub anything at this stage as this could cause staining.Cara Siant 2

Scrub up

Dirt, salt and buildup can cause stains and cracks, compromising the patina that well-loved leather develops. Sweep them off weekly with a stiff-bristled brush. Use even downward strokes in one direction, from the top toward the toe.GABOR Calista 2

Seek out a pro

Even the best-made soles take a beating in winter. For extra precaution, take them to the cobbler once a year to get a tune-up and maybe replace a worn sole or add rubber for grip and protection.

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