Brand Spotlight: Gabor

“We Adore Gabor”

Gabor has justifiably earned itself a reputation for being a brand that offers stylish shoes that rate highly in fit and comfort. The company was founded in 1949 by Joachim and Bernhard Gabor and is still within the family with Joachim Gabor’s son Achim now in charge.

Pictured: Gabor Epworth

The company first began producing shoes in a small factory in Barmstedt, Germany with only 14 employess, a stark contrast to the 3,500 people they employ today! Gabor shoes are now manufactured in Portugal, Slovakia Republic, and Vietnam with over 8,000,000 pairs of shoes being produced a year.

“The attention to detail and quality that Gabor puts into every single one of its products has gained the brand many loyal fans around the world.”

As Gabor owns all of its factories, the company is able to enforce strict checks to enable every pair to consistently adhere to the brands high levels of comfort and quality. Gabor shoes are currently sold in 53 countries worldwide by over 5000 retail stores.

Pictured: Gabor Alvin

Why Choose Gabor?


Comfort is at the heart of Gabor’s mission statement and the designers of Gabor shoes always opt for soft materials to ensure that functionality and comfort are delivered with every step.


Special features such as elastic gussets and stretch inserts help to ensure an optimum fit is always achieved, further enhancing comfort levels. Every season Gabor offers a wide range of different width fittings and shoes in full and half sizes to make sure everyone can find that perfect pair.


Gabor shoes have that magic combination of comfort and style. Gabor takes classic styles and adds a contemporary edge to consistently create a beautiful range of shoes, season after season.

Pictured: Gabor Stargate

The Making Of Magnificence

Each Gabor shoe is manufactured using up to 240 individual components that come together in up to 140 separate craft stages. The materials used in the construction of Gabor shoes are closely inspected to ensure uniformity and uncompromised high-quality.

Gabor also enlist the help of external laboratories in Germany and Switzerland to conduct special tests on the materials used to create their shoes. These tests help to ascertain which materials perform well and add an extra level of reassurance to the quality control process. Thanks to their consistently high levels of comfort and style it is easy to see what makes Gabor Shoes so popular.

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  • Ann Layzell

    I don’t buy any other foot wear but Gabor my shoe size is 3.5 and having a slightly broad foot the size shoe in The broader fitting is perfect for me! I love the design/styles as they fit in well with my life style
    Thank you Gabor for “perfection” for me xx

  • I only buy Gabor – primarily for work, light casual wear and special summer holidays. I don’t buy frequently, but everything lasts and they are timeless. My shoes size with Gabor is 4.5. I can reliably buy Gabor on line ( I live in a small market town) without having to try them on. When visiting the larger regional city I always go to the main retail seller of Gabor. I wish more stores locally stocked Gabor. Love the styles, fit and comfort. Recently ordered on line through Charles Clinkard and the shoes were as ever, perfect.

  • Ann Marie Tait

    I love their shoes I have been wearing them for a long number of years now. Although a bit more expensive than some other makes, they are well worth it for the comfort and quality

  • Pam Coulson

    I love Gabor shoes and have several pairs! My favourite pair currently are black sandals with a touch of sparkle.
    So confident am I that size 5 works for me I can order online which is something I have never risked with any other brand.
    Thank you Gabor!