Hadrian’s Wall Charity Walk 2017

Hadrian’s Wall Charity Walk

Last weekend, a team of 18 members of staff set out to tackle the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge in aid of youth homelessness charity Centre Point. The Challenge consisted of an 18 mile walk along the most scenic and historic section of Hadrian’s Wall. Centre Point are a charity who work to provide accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16 to 25. The charity’s mission is to put an end to the rising issue of youth homelessness.

Our Assistant Children’s Buyer, Ginny, commented that the walk was no leisurely stroll and that at certain parts it felt like the team was climbing mount Everest!

“When we got to the top of one hill we felt relief until in the distance we saw more mountains we had to climb ahhhhhhhhhh!” – Trevor, Display Manager

The best part of the walk, as far as Customer Service Manager Sam is concerned, was the seemingly endless supply of chocolate Freddo bars being provided by MD Charles. We hear they were vital in keeping up the group’s strength and enabling them to power on and complete the seven hour walk. Our photographer, Jess, said that while the walk was tough the scenery and worthy cause made it all worthwhile – Everyone Agreed.

“Although tough at times, the scenery and comradery made it all worthwhile. A few blisters are a small price to pay to raise funds for such a worthy cause” – Julie, Children’s Buyer.

Hadrian’s Wall Facts:

  • The wall has been a World Heritage site since 1987
  • Construction of the wall began in around 122AD
  • The completed wall was 73 miles long
  • The wall was constructed to defend Roman occupied Britain against attacks from Scotland.
  • The wall is named after the 14th Emperor of the Roman Empire

To learn more about the amazing work done by Centre Point you can visit their website here: LEARN MORE

Or, to sponsor Team Clinkard please visit our Just Giving page here: SPONSOR

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