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Meet Our Next Tot Models

Earlier this year, we launched a nationwide competition to find two talented tots who’d become the faces of our latest ‘First Shoes’ campaign.

We had a staggering response of over 500 entries, and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. The judges were overwhelmed with the response, and faced the tough challenge of choosing just two winners.

Introducing Lucas and Phoebe…coming to your local store window soon!

Meet Lucas…

Lucas’ favourite toy is his pretend hoover, and he often spends his days chasing his animal friends Hugo, Milo, and Gem. His first pair of shoes were a navy pair of cruisers, and his first words were Mama and Pa (for his Grandpa).

Lucas’ favourite place to visit is his Nanny’s house, where he is spoilt for choice with toys and a huge garden where him and Grandpa can dig holes. The furthest place that Lucas and his shoes have visited is Malaga for their family holiday!

Meet Phoebe…

Phoebe’s favorite toy is her cuddly bunny, and she also loves to play with her cousin’s puppy named Harry. Her first shoes were a pair of Clarks Cloud Rosa, and her first words were Mama, Papa, and slide!

Phoebe adores the outdoors, and her favourite place to visit is Saltburn beach. The furthest place that Phoebe and her shoes have visited was on a family trip to North Wales.


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