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So Long, Farewell from Sterling Mills

We’re very saddened to announce that after 20 years of trading, our Sterling Mills outlet closed its doors for the final time at the end of last month. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Linda and the team in Sterling Mills for the tremendous loyalty and hard work that they have presented over the years. The decision is in no way a reflection on the stores’ effort, and we’d like to wish the staff every success as they move on to pastures new.

Susan Douglas from the store left the company with a few parting words…

Here we are, what can we say,
Clinkards is closing 29th February,
Twenty years of punting shoes,
You must admit, it’s very sad news.

We started out in a cold unit next door,
Hundreds of shoes all over the floor!
All of us at the time were very quiet,
Once we got to know each other it was a riot!

Grenson, Loake, Barker and Van Dals,
Ladies handbags and plenty of sandals,
Then it was kids, what can we say,
They became the bane of life everyday!

Visitors many from quite afar,
Including Mr. Roger with his cigar,
Told to get out, “no smoking in here”,
Whilst the poor manager stood quaking with fear!

Staff members have come and went,
Knowing where most of their wages were spent,
We all have shoe collections, even the boss,
In fact, we can rival Imelda Marcos.

We had our targets, we had our aims,
We played pranks an had lots of games,
Lots of laughs along the way,
Still all good friends right to this day.

So from the wee shop at the foot of the hills,
So long, farewell from Sterling Mills.


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