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Preparing Little Feet For Life: Prewalkers Vs Walkers

Taking those first steps in life is a memorable moment for all, but it also helps to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of shoes on offer for little ones in order to give them the best mobility and performance to set them off on life’s greatest adventures. Eveline Clinkard, founder and husband to Charles first found her passion for fitting children’s shoes in 1930 and it still remains a core principle of the business today.

Having your child’s feet measured is crucial to their development, and it’s also one of the most pinnacle points in their life – as well as yours – when they take those first steps. Here at Charles Clinkard, we want this moment to be something you can treasure forever so we offer a great First Shoes package which includes a photograph of your little one modelling their new shoes, and 15 per cent off their next pair.

Though this is an exciting stage, it’s best to do a little research first heading to your local Charles Clinkard store and purchasing your child’s first shoes – but don’t worry that’s what we’re here for!

Here at Charles Clinkard, we offer a wide range of prewalkers – perfect for little feet that have taken their first wobbly steps and need to use nearby objects to help balance on their feet. It’s during this time that we’d recommend prewalkers for their soft outsole and lightweight properties as you don’t want anything too heavy when your toddler is just getting to grips with putting one foot in front of the other. Buckles or rip tape straps are a great option for fastening the shoes as it’s quick to secure them on fidgety little feet, and they can also be adjusted for the best possible fit – though we do advise having your child’s feet measured every 6-8 weeks at this stage.

Once your toddler has progressed to walking unaided and is stable on their own two feet, this is when you’re ready to browse our collection of first shoes. When will this be you might ask? Most often, children tend to start walking between 9-15 months, however, this can vary as everyone is unique in their own way. A walking shoe is more advanced than a prewalker as the outsole will tend to be of a thicker material to grip underfoot and protect tiny feet in damp, wet, or uneven conditions – just as they would with adult shoes. They also offer a stronger, sturdier structure to prewalkers due to delicate bone structure developing and increased confidence from your tiny tot as they potter around the floor – did you know new walkers can take around 176 steps a minute?

This can be a lot of information to take in if you’re a first-time parent but please be assured that our team of expert fitters will be able to advise you in the best possible way to have your little one feeling comfortable and secure throughout their first walks of life.

If this isn’t your first time having tiny feet measured but your youngest is measuring the same size as their sibling was, we would still advise purchasing a new pair of shoes as the originals will already be moulded and will have adapted to accommodate a different walking gait. Also, if you’re worried that you’ve been instructed to purchase a different size to what your child is measuring at, please don’t be. A measuring gauge is simply a guide and independent brand sizing can vary in terms of length and width, be rest assured that our trained fitters will use their expert knowledge to determine which size is right for your child.

Share this special stage in life with our team and cherish it forever with our first shoes experience.


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