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Water-Resistant Summer Shoes for Young Feet

The summer holidays have landed out of nowhere and now it’s time to plan 6 weeks full of fun, fresh air and frolics with the family.

Here at Chares Clinkard we have the perfect range of kids shoes for different summer activities. Whether it includes casual walking or lots of running around there’s a style for every age and gender waiting to be worn with water-resistant properties just in case it’s a scorcher of a summer.

From industry professionals such as Salt-Water and Converse, take a look at some of our top summer picks for your water babies. And additionally, they’re all in the sale:

Pictured: Classic Crocs

Whether you live in a seaside town or you’re going further afield for a beach trip this summer, a pair of Classic Crocs sandals can’t go a miss. Highly comfortable thanks to a Croslite construction, the lightweight shoes can be worn with the sling back around the back of the ankle or it can be moved to the front for an even easier slip on style. Crocs are currently having a resurgence and we have tuns of designs, colours and styles to choose from for both boys and girls.

Heading to your local waterfall or splashing around a countryside lake? The Nike Sunray Protect are ventilated water shoes made from water resistant textile uppers. Toe bumpers are fitted in case of any uneven grounds or boulders when having some water fun and rip tape secures the sandals. Cleated soles keep young feet stable and protect them from any debris underfoot. This style is available in toddler and youth sizes.

Pictured: Nike Sunray Protect

Pictured: Salt-Water Sweetheart

A pretty little pair of sandals perfect for dressing up to a family garden party or to your best friend’s birthday where there may just be a paddling pool, the Salt-Water Sweetheart sandals are fitted with water-resistant leather uppers meaning endless amounts of water play with no damage. Buckle fastenings allow for easy adjustability, and they’re built from rust-proof materials meaning you can also clean the shoes easily. Punched out heart detail adds a girly edge with a spongey sole underfoot.

Please note Salt-Water sandals are stamped with US sizing so your UK size purchased will show a size larger underfoot.

If you’re heading to a waterpark or local lido this school holidays why not wear the Birkenstock Milano EVA sandals alongside your swimming outfit for an easy on and off with no water-damage necessary thanks to manmade materials. The spongey like construction makes the shoes highly comfortable but also prevents any rubbing if wet feet are inserted or any damage. With dual buckles you can adjust the over-foot fitting to your preferred fit. We have a range of colours available for both genders.

Pictured: Birkenstock Milano EVA

Where will you be wearing your water shoes to this summer? Make sure to let us know.


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