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A Warm Welcome to The Hand Dyed Shoe Co.

The end of September will see our collaboration with The Hand Dyed Shoe Company come to life, and we’re so excited to bring you all on this journey.

Situated at the very top of our Leeds store within the historic City Centre, together we have launched a private studio within the Rooftops where an exclusive shopping experience will be available for you to create a bespoke pair of gentleman’s shoes from start to finish.

In true HDSCo style, this is no ordinary experience as you’ll be escorted to the second floor in the customised lift where you will then enter the hidden away studio. With lots on offer, here you will enjoy a one-hour design consultation and fitting with your knowledgeable and passionate shoe guy.

Pictured: Simon Bourne

For one week only, Simon Bourne, The Shoe Guy, Founder and Creative Director of The Hand Dyed Shoe Company will be on hand to offer his expert services and from then on Mark ‘The Shoe Guy’ Goward will take hold of the reigns.

But let’s delve in deeper and find out more about how the HDSCO come about:

In 2014, the business was started from Simon’s spare bedroom, firstly crafting small key rings and accessories from scrap leather from the furniture trade. From here, Simon began to piece together a vision of individually made, artisan bespoke shoes. The very first pair sold in 2016, to Colin Elrick, a former bookseller from Chester-Le-Street, Durham.

Since then, HDSCo has developed into an award winning, globally recognised brand crafting thousands of unique shoes celebrating individuality and creativity amongst thousands of gentlemen all around the world. Simon absolutely loves giving customers the ability to design their own shoes through a memorable and unique customer experience.

And what about Simon you ask?

Like many entrepreneurs, Simon is creatively driven by an urge to express myself.

He says: “I am who I am, an over thinker, anxiety sufferer and never more than an hour away from my worst moment. But I’m also the most positive man you’ll ever meet, a dreamer and an influencer intent on spreading love.

“It took me almost 33 years for me to accept myself for who I am. By being this open, I can express myself freely and live my most honest, authentic life happy that whatever happens tomorrow, I accept it.

“Hand Dyed Shoe Co. is an extension of me. A heart on sleeve brand.”

So, be prepared to be educated in a world of shoe craft and artisan leathers in this hidden away, shoe boutique that we’re so excited to offer. And as HDSCo say when shopping with them ‘It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you feel when you do it.’


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