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We have a wide selection of shoes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Customer Reviews:

"Bought two pairs of school shoes for my daughters at your Darlington store this morning. Excellent service from the very patient and friendly Annabel even when my youngest daughter changed her mind about the shoes we'd chosen and had to start again!"

Taking residence in what was the Williams music store on Blackwellgate in the heart of the town centre, Darlington became home to Charles Clinkard on 18th July 2007. With an extensive range of branded men’s, women’s, boy’s and girl’s footwear and accessories, combined with skilled staff excelling in customer service and children’s shoe fitting, customers can visit the store satisfied they will receive their best possible shopping experience. If their wide-ranging brand selection isn’t enough to ensure an extraordinary visit, it is said that the previous owner Ken’s Dad, Fred haunts the store. Ken worked as Charles Clinkard’s Merchandise Manager for a while, spooking staff with tales of his Dad’s ghost causing havoc within the old building!

Joy, the store’s Manager tells a story that conveys the Darlington team’s customer focused culture. Annabel, a customer with learning difficulties first came into the store as a baby. She hated anyone touching her and would scream the place down. Staff suggested that her mother bring Annabel in to see the fish they had in store whenever she was passing by, so she would get used to the team. This she did, and Annabel soon calmed down and let the girls fit her with shoes. Still one of their regular customers today, Joy has had the pleasure of watching Annabel grow into a girl of 10 years old. Her family wouldn’t dream of taking her anywhere else!

Ten minutes on foot from Darlington’s Railway Station and five from its bus station, the Charles Clinkard store is conveniently situated in front of a large car park where you can park for £1 an hour Monday to Saturday or £1 all day on a Sunday.

Famously pioneering the first public railway, Darlington is a town steeped in history. It was the starting point for the first passenger railway journey on the Stockton and Darlington line in 1825, consisting of ‘Locomotion Number One’ transporting passengers as well as coal, and even the Yarm band towards the end of its trip! Unwind after a fruitful trip to our Charles Clinkard Darlington store at Coopers, a charming little tea room and coffee house in Post House Wynd, a little street not far from the store. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the array of mouth-watering cakes displayed in their window, as many as possible of which we recommend you sample along with one of their coffees! Walk four minutes from the store and you’ll find a leisure complex featuring multiple restaurants, a cinema and a hotel if you want to maximise your stay in the town, not forgetting a visit to Darlington’s Brick Train Monument or the Head of Steam Darlington Railway Centre and Museum, within the old North Road Station building, one of the oldest railway stations in the world (which is also along the legendary 1825 route).  Alternatively, the town’s newly refurbished theatre puts on various engaging shows and a pantomime.

Truly finding her vocation, Joy, the self-motivated Darlington shop manager loves interacting with customers and giving excellent, friendly customer service. She is committed to training and developing her efficient team, ingraining within them the importance of building a rapport with each and every customer to maximise their shopping experience. Every day is an adventure for Joy, taking well-earned respite by spending time with her family, shopping till she drops or reading a good book.

After being struck by the job advertisement online one day, Joy jumped at the chance to be the head of the Darlington’s Charles Clinkard store upon the branch’s opening; her first memory of the company taking her own children, now 35 and 31, into the Newcastle branch for school shoes. 10 years on, she has smashed 24 years in retail and has certainly had a fruitful past year. Celebrating both her 40th wedding anniversary and her 60th birthday, she also found out she would have the privilege of being Mother of the Bride this year! Now a true shoe expert, Joy recommends the currently stocked Gabor Tarbert in grey suede and the Rieker Signal in navy leather. Her favourite pair ever owned were some very high black leather platforms, back when platforms were all the rage in her late teens. She wore them until they dropped off her feet! Upon winning the lottery, she would stick with Padders out of necessity, but would use her newfound wealth to help the brand to bring the styles, keeping the various widths into the 21st Century!