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We have a wide selection of shoes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Customer Reviews:

"We have just returned from shopping in the Nottingham Store. We had both our children measured and shoes fitted today. The customer service we received from Conor was so amazing, Shoe shopping with my children is normally some what stressful to say the least. Conor was so professional, willing to spend time with my ten year old to make sure she loved her trainers, We will certainly be back. Thank you to Conor again for such a pleasant shopping experience" - Gerard

"Bought new shoes today from the Nottingham shop. The assistant whose name was Grace was helpful, knowledgeable and very personable. A very pleasant experience" - Clive

"I was recently served by 16 year old Natasha, in The Victoria Centre Nottingham Store. The best shopping experience I have had for years. She was so helpful, definitely wanted to please 'The Customer' and most important built up an instant rapport with me. She certainly had the intelligence and customer relation skills of a more experienced sales assistance and really cared, not just going through the motions. A very bright future lies ahead for this lovely young lady. Thank you Natasha, I love my boots!"- Susan Tomanek.

Situated within a modern shopping centre, the store stands out due to its extensive choice of brands and core focus on customer service. The Victoria Centre location is a one-stop destination for the whole family, offering an unrivalled selection of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear and accessories. All of the stores regulars are memorable to John the shop’s manager and his team, especially those who have a laugh and enjoy the store experience.

With 2,700 parking spaces, the Victoria Centre offers convenient parking from £3.70 and even has its own bus station. Nottingham Railway Station is a leisurely 15 minute walk away.

A legendary city, Nottingham was once home to one of the most famous outlaws in the UK, Robin Hood. There is still a buzz surrounding the legend within the city, which is also known for its history of lace making- a bustling city of the trade in the Industrial Revolution. Birthplace of both Boots the Chemist and Raleigh bikes; it is definitely worth sticking around in Nottingham after your visit to our store.

Some of England’s oldest pubs are found within Nottingham’s streets, including Trip to Jerusalem which dates back to 1189. Stop off for a pint beneath its dramatic stone ceilings before wandering round the city’s historic Lace Market neighbourhood. One hour outside of the city stands the magnificent Major Oak, England’s largest Oak tree within the renowned Sherwood Forest. It is a city of modern entwined with historic, and it is jam-packed full of unique eateries and coffee shops. Kitty Café offers ‘Kitty Meals’ made up of a food item like a pizza or panini, a drink and one of their enticing cakes for £9.95. The quirk is that you eat it within their spacious interior, which is full of colourful seating.. and cats! More like a playground for the cute rescue cats that live there, you can fuss over the cats as you relax. A city of many attractions, also worth visiting are the Nottingham caves, the Castle and the Galleries of Justice. If you visit the city in November we recommend tying in your visit with the Robin Hood Beer Festival. It’s not just for the real ale drinkers; you will also find a great choice of food and entertainment including excellent live music.

John gets to the store at 8am so he can get a running start as soon as he’s had his morning coffee. Typical days involve handling deliveries, stock transfers, refreshing displays and general housekeeping of the store to ensure both staff and customers have the optimum environment in which to shop or work. Armed with a great team, John overcomes anything thrown at him during each unique day, and has the store ready for the following day’s business once the doors are closed.  His first priorities are usually back office admin and pulling stock for website sales, but once customers enter the store; his full focus is on them, ensuring they are being looked after to the highest degree.

Combining excellent service with a fun experience is John’s greatest achievement as Nottingham’s store manager. The competitive manager believes that you spend a lot of time at work, so you may as well do something you are good at and enjoy! Working at the Nottingham-founded Gordon Scott Shoes in 1998, which had strong ties to Charles Clinkard, John greatly admired Clinkard’s and was delighted to get to work with the company, and then for the company in June 2017 when a redundancy left his many years of shoe experience inactive. He honed his footwear knowledge buying ladies shoes for a national retailer for 19 years prior to this!

John recommends footwear by the Spanish casual brand Pikolinos because of their quality leather, and ladies Gabor shoes for their consistent fit and comfort, shown by their loyal brand following. His favourite pair ever purchased are some classic Cheany Brogues which he’s had for more than 12 years. The colour, leather and the fit are still superb; he’s only had to re sole them a few times! When first purchased he received countless compliments on their smart appearance, and 12 years on they have developed that sought after ‘vintage look’, so still draw comments. Adidas Stan Smith trainers have also been his must have accessory over the years, owning many pairs whether they were in fashion or not. Upon winning the lottery he would make the easy purchase of some tan Trickers brogues with an unyielding thick leather sole- they are amazing but he’s never been able to justify spending the money on them.

With a past playing lead roles in the Nottingham West Music and Drama Society’s productions of Guys & Dolls, Calamity Jane and South Pacific, John spends his down-time visiting micro pubs, drinking real ale, and watching sports. As his better half says, if it’s got a ball in it, John will watch it!