Once your child reaches the toddler stage, key developments will mean that their walking will be noticeably different to when they made their first steps. 

 By now your child will not need to rely so heavily on their arms and hands for balance. This frees their hands for other more important jobs like hiding daddy’s car keys or mummy’s purse.

 By this point in development, you child’s hip joints will have formed into place meaning that their knees and feet now point forward.

 You should also notice a reduction in stumbles and falls as your child develops through their toddler months. 



Choosing your child’s first shoes is an exciting experience which should be fun and not daunting. We hope that this guide has made the process that little bit easier and our customer service and store teams are always happy to provide further assistance should you require it. Being well informed about the aspects of children’s first shoes means that you can grant your child the best first footing possible to wherever their walk of life may lead.