We understand that having shoes fitted can be an especially daunting concept for children on the autism spectrum.We want to do all that we can to make your child’s visit as comfortable for them as possible

How Can We Support You During Your Visit?

Before your appointment you can contact any of our stores directly and we can arrange any of the following:

• Provide sensory packs

• Dimming of the store lights

• Turning off any in-store video screens

• A quieter store time

We can also keep your preferences on file so that we have it to hand before your next visit.

The Fitting Process

Why not show your child the video below, to let them know what to expect during their visit to our store.

Make An Appointment

 To make a shoe fitting appointment or to discuss any specific requirements  you might have, please call your local  

Charles Clinkard store  directly:  


"As I have worked for Charles Clinkard now for 4 years, I was so proud to work for the company during Autism Awareness and thought it was really encouraging to participate in the quiet hour especially with myself having a form of autism."

- Nathan, Charles Clinkard Employee

"A familiar face was always massively helpful..."

On behalf of my family, I felt compelled to write to you regarding your recent notice on the National Autism UK website about providing shoe shopping assistance for Autistic children. I just wanted to say how proud we are to see this, as our daughter has been having her shoes fitted by your amazing Leeds manageress Julie since she was one year old (she is now 14 years old). We always receive fantastic service, with such patience.

Whenever we entered the shop Julie would always see us straight away and having a familiar face was always massively helpful, this was especially important to us as our Daughter did not get diagnosed with Asperger’s until she was 9 years old. I now understand that there is a link with hyper-mobility (which means needing boots when younger) and Autism.

The fact that Charles Clinkard stock many brands has been very important as we discovered that other brands fitted better than just “Clarks”. Notably Kickers and Start-rite. Certainly, in our opinion, your asset, the amazing Julie and her team at Leeds have been providing our family with an understanding for children with sensory communication issues for far longer than you and your company may realise ... At some point I will endeavour to find our daughters first photo and her 10 year photo that we took with Julie.


Thank you Julie (Leeds) and the Charles Clinkard Team.

"The staff went beyond our expectations"

We visited the Sheffield branch this evening and the staff were outstanding. We took our son with ASD to the adult shop so he could be fitted with new school shoes in peace. The staff went beyond our expectations of helpful and accommodating. For the first time ever he’s chosen his own shoes with the help of your outstanding staff...

Many thanks will never cover how much we appreciated today’s experience.