Choosing fitted shoes is the only way to be certain that your kids' shoes will be perfectly suited to their little feet. Children's feet change rapidly as they grow up and it's important to get the right length, width and indeed type of shoe.

We've been fitting shoes since 1924 and so you can be assured that your little one's feet are in safe hands with us. We strongly recommend you use our expertise by booking a fitting appointment or using our collect-in-store facility.

For more information, click Why Choose Fitted? We've included 2 of the most popular fitted shoe brands below.

Non-fitted shoes offer a convenient and style conscious alternative to our fitted shoes. They're comfortable, versatile and come equipped with bags of all important playground cred!

By and large, non-fitted shoes do not come in a range of width fittings. They are, however, well prepared for the toils of the school day with easy fastenings, robust construction and lots of flexibility.

They're all available for home delivery and we've highlighted some of the most popular brands below.