caring for tiny feet

When a baby is born they do not yet have any fully formed bones in their feet. Instead, their feet are made up of cartilage which will not be fully formed until they are about 18. This cartilage is soft and delicate making it highly important that little feet are properly looked after. 

It is essential that toe nails are cut correctly in order to lower the risks of ingrown toenails. Toenails should be kept trimmed but not too short and always cut straight across and not curved.


Correctly fitting socks are also an important factor for ensuring feet develop correctly. Socks that are too tight can hinder proper growth and in extreme cases cause feet to develop abnormalities. On the other hand, socks that are too big for your child can become scrunched up leading to blisters. When choosing socks for your child it is a good idea to look for socks manufactured from natural fibers as this will allow their feet to breathe.


It is best to avoid hand me down shoes as every child's feet are different and will require unique size and width fittings. Although it can feel like a waste not to, handing down shoes from one child to another can damage children's feet in the long term.


Still allowing your child to walk bare foot where possible is beneficial as it allows for healthy development to occur completely unrestricted and naturally.


When it comes to selecting shoes for your child it is best to try and select shoes that are specifically designed for the purpose that they will be worn, This ensures that the correct type of support will be offered during wear.