How important are fitted shoes?

During their early stages, your child's feet are mainly made up of soft tissue and cartilage which can be easily manipulated by ill-fitting shoes. As their curiosity increases, so does their need for ample foot protection and support, which is why it is crucial that your child wears correctly fitted shoes to encourage them to grow as nature intended.

As their bones develop and begin to harden, your child's feet need shoes that provide enough wriggle room to move freely and support their balance. Ill-fitting shoes can cause foot pain and musculoskeletal issues later in life, and as children's feet continually grow up until their teens, it's crucial to carry on having their feet measured throughout puberty.

Finding the correct size and style shoe can be quite fiddly, and there's lots of factors to consider, which is why we would always recommend going to your local Charles Clinkard store where you'll receive personalised advice and fitting recommendations. 


Taking Care of Tiny Feet

As their tiny toes are very delicate during their early years, it is important that your child's feet are provided with sufficient care from an early age, allowing them to grow strong and healthy enough to carry them through life with ease. Whilst the majority of their foot development will happen naturally, there are a few simple steps you can take to help with the process.

  • Clean and care for their feet daily

  • Trim their toenails every 1-2 weeks

  • Allow them to spend time barefoot at first

  • Ensure they have professionally-fitted shoes