Leather Uppers

Leather is a great choice for school shoes as not only does it look smart but it also allows for feet to breathe and move naturally throughout wear. Leather shoes are also durable and grant feet with support, both of which are features that help shoes to transition from playground to classroom.


Correctly Fitted 

We believe that school shoes should fit correctly and we offer a wide selection of width and size fittings both online and in-store. You can also visit any of our children’s departments to have your child’s feet professionally measured by our trained fitters.


Expertly Sourced

Our children’s department buyers are highly experienced and travel the world in search of shoes that combine quality materials with comfort and practicality.


Micro-Fresh ®

Shoes from the Kickers school range incorporate Micro-Fresh ® technology that prevents odour by stopping bacteria from spreading from feet to shoes.


We know that all children are different and we strive to reflect this in our choice of fastenings. From quick and easy slip ons to secure riptape and smart laces we’re sure to have a fastening option right for your child.