Since 1996, our philosophy has been to keep the body in motion. We believe motion is key to helping find and maintain the right balance in life. At MBT, we can help achieve this through our unique shoe design that combines a perfect balance of function with style.

Clean soiled MBTs as soon as possible so dirt does not become ingrained.

Clean non-leather styles by hand with a sponge and diluted soapy water up to 30oC / 70oF. Do not wash MBTs in the washing machine! Clean leather styles with suitable leather care products.

Please lay the wet MBTs on their side and allow to dry at room temperature (never close to direct heat) before you use them again. The Massai Sensor, in particular, has to be completely dry.

Avoid contact with aggressive liquids (acids, disinfectants,...) oil, salts, grease, fertilisers, protein or blood and other aggressive substances.

Do not damage the Masai Sensor with sharp objects.

Before you buy

MBTs come in a variety of styles and sizes. This also means that one style can feel different to another. Your MBTs should have a snug fit around the heels, toes, close to the front of the upper without touching, and no pressure on the toenails.

Finding your ideal size is important to maximise the effectiveness of the MBTs benefits, so we recommend you purchase your first pair in-store with an MBT trained sales associate.

How to select your MBT size

MBT sizes are slightly different to UK sizes for some models, but for the vast majority of styles we recommend ordering your usual UK size.

Sport2 is the widest fitting style in the MBT range so we recommend ordering a half size down from your usual UK size.

Still not sure of your MBT size?

MBT sizer (New styles) - Women

MBT sizer (Carry over styles) - Women

MBT sizer (New styles) - Men

MBT sizer (Carry over styles) - Men

You will need: your chosen Sizer page printed out (2 pages for men's), tape, ruler, socks similar to the ones you will be wearing with your MBTs.

1. Using the ruler, double check the scale of the printed page. Your ruler scale should match the printed page scale exactly. If it doesn't match, select the "no scaling" option on your printer settings before printing out the sizer.

2. Wearing your socks, stand on the sizer with your heel on the line indicated.

3. The region where your toes rest comfortably is your ideal MBT size.