Same Product

     The item our price is being compared to must be the same style, colour and size and must be in stock to purchase from the comparison company.

Comparable Company

     The company providing the comparison product must be comparable to Charles Clinkard. This means that the company must have a UK presence that is not solely based online and must also not be in administration or in ‘final clearance’. When conducting our price check, we reserve the right to consider delivery costs or other administrative costs the comparison company may charge.

Already Ordered? No Problem!

     If you have ordered something on our website but then have found it cheaper elsewhere, we will refund you the difference using your original payment method. Simply call us within 7 days from placing your order to be eligible for a refund.

We must be able to verify all the information above and will not be able to proceed with the price comparison until we have done so.  All price checks will be inclusive of VAT, charged at 20%. We reserve the right to make additions, deductions or amendments to the above terms and conditions at our discretion and without notice.