As your child continues to grow and gains the confidence to run and jump their shoes will need to up their game. Shoes for infants need to be more durable than their first shoes to combat the new and creative ways your child will undoubtedly find to test them.


 Having room to grow remains important when selecting infants shoes but just as with their first shoes it’s all about getting the balance right and not sacrificing a stable fit.

 The shape of the shoes in relation to your child’s foot shape is a factor which should be considered ahead of style and look. Thankfully, a lot of brands manufacture children’s shoes in a variety of half sizes and width fittings; this makes frequent professional fittings helpful as children’s feet are prone to change as they grow.

 Material and weight should still be considered at this stage. Leather is always a practical choice as it allows feet to breathe but is hard wearing and durable. Lightweight shoes are still preferable as they are the most comfortable for active little ones.

 The amount of grip provided by the soles of your child's shoes should also be given attention as it is likely that your child will be spending an increasing amount of time walking without any help.