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How to wear blue shoes

As we start to sneak into spring, blue is the perfect hue to re-introduce colour to your wardrobe.

The colour of clear skies, sunny days and an endless ocean, blue shoes feel versatile and fresh, and switching your footwear and accessories to blue is an easy way to approach the trend without pushing boundaries.

Our collection of women’s blue shoes, sandals, sporty styles and bags promise to be sturdy wardrobe staples for years to come; a classic and timeless colour that lift your look. Get set to shop all things bright and blue-tiful…

Blue Heels

Wear for: An evening out
We can always rely on the faithful LBD for an evening out, but sometimes you need something a little lighter. Heading out for drinks? Team a tunic dress with understated blue courts or liven up your favourite pencil skirt with a pair of sassy blue slingbacks



Blue Pumps

Wear for: The Weekend
Whether you’re planning a spot of window shopping or a Sunday stroll, ensure you do it style. Opt for a laidback look by teaming blue pumps with camel chinos.




Blue Sandals

Wear for: Summer Style
Whether you’re attending a laidback barbecue, relaxing at the beach or strolling around the city, a pair of blue sandals reflect those brilliant blue skies above to lift your mood, and your look! Pair with bare pins in skirts and shorts, and don’t forget the pedi!


Blue Sports

Wear for: Adventurous days out
Energise every step with a  pair of blue sports-inspired shoes. The athletic aesthetic will get you in the mood for fitness – a quick stroll around the block is all it takes to get that ticker working a little bit harder, and every little helps! Pair your pumps and sneakers with jeans for on-the-go exercise.


Blue Bags

Wear for: Anything and everything!
Utilising a blue piece as the statement  in your look can be done in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s from stand-out sky blue or slightly subtler navy, the blue bag is a staple in any discerning woman’s wardrobe (and makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, too!).




We’re not all about women’s blue shoes, you know. Mostly, but not completely. Wherever you wear your new blue shoes, be sure to go armed with these bonus blue facts – bust one out when you get a compliment to keep the conversation flowing…

1. Newborn babies’ eyes are almost always blue
A baby’s eyes will usually reach the colour they will be for the rest of their life at around 6 months old.

2. Blood is never blue
Those blue veins you can see? A mere trick of the light, passing through the outer layers of our skin.

3. Blue cheese does bizarre things to your brain
A study by the British Dairy Board found that different types of cheese eaten before bed provoked different dreams: Blue Stilton creates surreal situations, Red Leicester reported restful sleep and cheddar led to celebrity appearances!

4. Blue berries are the shiniest living thing
No, not blueberries, but blue berries, known as marble berries. Found in the forests of Africa, clusters of these brilliant blue berries shimmer and shine to attract birds, which eat them and spread their seeds. Clever.

5. Wedding dresses were traditionally blue
It was in fact blue, not white, that carried connotations of purity and innocence – until Queen Victoria came along. A fan of intricate lace work, she commissioned a white lace wedding dress, the fashion press picked it up and boom – a new tradition was born. This is also why you still need your ‘something blue’!

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