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    Look after your leather

    Baby, it’s cold outside, which means you can’t procrastinate for too much longer. It’s time to get a leg-up on your cold weather footwear.But before you find you perfect pair and…

  • Shoe Care Style

    The complete sandal buying guide

    A sandal is any shoe which leaves large areas of the foot uncovered, which means everything from flip flops to strappy high heels. A wardrobe essential for both genders, nothing screams…

  • Shoe Care

    How To Clean Suede Shoes

    Suede is susceptible to scuffing, marking, and becoming damaged with wear – but it’s also soft, stylish and versatile, so don’t let the threat of the outdoors put you off picking…

  • Shoe Care

    How To Clean White Shoes

    Canvas Rain: Stuff wet shoes with plain paper or a small towel – printed paper may transfer onto the canvas. Allow to air-dry naturally. Stain: Allow any muck to dry before brushing off…