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Vans X Peanuts

Oh Brother! Vans X Peanuts

“New Van’s collaborations are something we all look forward to. The past few years have given us Nintendo, Disney and Toy Story themes and this year a new collection is hitting stores featuring characters from Charles M. Schulz comic Peanuts!”

The Collection is perfect for the summer with its blend of childhood nostalgia and classic Vans style. All of the illustrations featured in the range have been taken from the late 60s, 70s and 80s and capture the vintage feel of the Peanut’s brand.

Peanuts began publication on October 2nd 1950 and ran in daily and Sunday formats for the next 50 years. The final ever new Peanuts strip was published on February 13th 2000, a day after creator Charles M Schulz’s death.

The comic centred around the character Charlie Brown and followed the events in the lives of him and his friends. Perhaps the most iconic character to come from the Peanut’s strips is Snoopy the dog; who is instantly recognisable even among people unfamiliar with Peanuts.



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