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Sustainable Styles from Whistler Tree

We’d like to introduce you to a new brand, Whistler Tree, a sustainable brand that not only creates bags that are beautiful in design, but also have a positive impact on the environment with designs crafted using cruelty-free leather, organic cotton linings and vegetable dyes. 

Whistler Tree adopts a slow fashion approach to ensure their designs won’t be out of fashion any time soon, so your brand-new bag will remain intact and on-trend for many years to come. With a team that has over 30 years of combined experience within the luxury leather industry. 

After many hours of extensive research, the sustainable brand discovered that cork leather is one of the best alternatives to animal leather. This also led the experienced team to be inspired to name the brand after the world’s largest and most productive cork oak tree on record -‘‘The Whistler Tree’’. A 230-year-old tree which is named after the countless songbirds that occupy its dense canopy. Harvesting the bark from a cork oak tree every 9-10 years helps the tree to grow and live longer. Stripping the bark does not harm the tree; as the cork tree continues to mature and go through harvest; the tree is able to absorb more carbon dioxide to support its bark regeneration. As a result, the harvested trees will filter more carbon dioxide than those left untouched, resulting in cleaner air for everyone. 

It’s also important to mention that each Whistler Tree bag is unique to the other due to each piece displaying a unique pattern native to the tree that it was harvested from, so stand out from the crowd and own a pattern no one else will have. Not only are the bags stylish and sustainable, but they also benefit from a waterproof, anti-bacterial coating and are fire-resistant, making their bags a safe style for all. 

 New In: Bags from Whistler Tree:


Pictured: Silves 

The highly rated Silves bag from Whistler Tree is a must-have bag style which is perfect to take along to work or on your next weekend away. Featuring a modern turn-lock opening that reveals a spacious interior that holds multiple pockets to store your phone and other essential items/accessories. Available in Classic Black, Tan, Khaki and Brown.  

Need a bag spacious enough to hold a 13-inch laptop and stylish enough to ensure you stay on-trend whatever the season? The Amadora tote bag from Whistler Tree is the perfect choice for you. Available in Tan, Khaki and Brown. 

Pictured: Amadora

Pictured: Lamego

Meet Lamego from Whistler Tree, the perfect cross-body bag to grab and go. This sustainable bag is available in a wide range of colours and is the perfect size to carry your everyday essentials with you. Featuring both a secure, magnetic flap closure and a zipped internal compartment with two interchangeable straps to compliment a custom style of your choosing. Available in Khaki, Black, and Tan. 


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