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Fun Summer Holiday Activities for All the Family.

With the sun shining and school out for the summer, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite, inexpensive activities to keep the whole family entertained before their return to school.

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  Take a look below at fun things to do this summer:    

A picnic in the park

You don’t have to travel far or spend much money to enjoy a picnic in the park on a summer day. For an exciting but inexpensive day out, pack your picnic basket or cooler with your favourite foods and head to your local park or beach. Leave a comment letting us know your picnic essentials. 

Home cinema

You can enjoy a low cost cinema experience in the comfort of your own home by pairing your favourite film with popcorn and snacks. This will be perfect for your little ones if you create a cosy den in the living room. Are you looking for some film recommendations? Take a look at our previous blogs

Go on a nature walk

Nature walks are another summer activity that will get everyone moving and exploring the outdoors. You can make the walk fun for your little ones by adding a scavenger hunt or a competition to see who can spot the most wildlife. Are you looking for a reliable pair of walking shoes? Take a look at our favourite walking shoes.

Rock painting

Painting rocks is an inexpensive activity that crafty little ones can enjoy this summer. Kids will enjoy picking out different shapes and sizes to decorate with paints and pens. They can even place their new creation around the garden for a fun touch. 

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