The Clinkard Community

Quarantine Digest

Hi Everyone,

In light of the current state surrounding COVID-19, we’ve created this page as a fun space to escape the constraints of isolation and stay in touch with fellow colleagues.

As you know, the situation is changing very quickly, and it’s in our best interests to keep staff up-to-date with any relevant changes and updates that we may encounter over the coming weeks.

We’re currently facing a situation that nobody could truly prepare for. Even so, our staff from across the country have pulled together brilliantly during this challenging time, and it has become clearer than ever that we are truly one community.

Each day, we’ll be bringing you the latest tips and ideas on how to face the Coronavirus pandemic head on, and we’d love for everyone to join in! From fun home workouts to tasty recipe ideas, we’ll be sharing an abundance of ideas to keep you on your toes during isolation.

Please stay safe, and take care of one another.