Step Back In Time

Step Back In Time

“This week we took a break from our trend forecasting and next season preparation to look back at the shoes of yesteryear at Whitby Museum.”

‘Over 200 Years Of Footwear 

‘Shoes Through The Ages’ is the latest historical costume exhibition at the Whitby Museum and it’s definitely worth a visit.

The exhibition walks you through 200 years of footwear with everything from beautifully crafted Georgian heels to functional fishermen’s boots on show.

The history of shoe making is also examined within the exhibition as well as the ways in which your shoes could give away your social status…

‘A Familiar Face…’

 Fashion retailing is a fast environment and it is often quick to forget the seasons that have passed.

Thankfully we hung onto a few styles from throughout Charles Clinkard’s 90 year history and these are currently on display in the Whitby Museum exhibition!

‘Fun For All The Family!’

Whitby Museum is located in the picturesque seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire and contains exhibitions on local history, shipping and fossils!

The ‘Shoes Through The Ages’ exhibition is running until the end of 2017 and further details can be found on Whitby Museum’s official website here.

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