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Leftover Easter Chocolate Ideas

Your house will probably be overloaded with Easter eggs and other bits of chocolate after this Sunday, so why not put it all together to make something even more yummy.

There’s plenty of recipes out there for Easter style bakes, take a look at our previous post for example, but with leftover chocolate we’ve got some other exciting ideas.

If you’ve had enough of eating an Easter egg the normal way, keep on reading to see our top three ways to eat Easter chocolate once Easter has passed.

Easter Egg Hot Chocolate

One of our favourite ways to use up our leftover Easter eggs is to create an Easter Egg hot chocolate. Though it’s no longer the winter season, we all love a hot chocolate once in a while and this is great way to even use the extra bags or bars of chocolates you get in an Easter egg box. Simply pop your chosen egg in a mug in half, make your favourite hot chocolate mix, fill with cream and add your toppings. Not only does the egg melt to make it even more scrumptious but you can eat and drink as you go.

Chocolate Sauce/Skewers

The easiest way to get rid of boxes and boxes of Easter eggs is to simply melt down the chocolate and drizzle it over your favourite baked goods. Maybe you’ve baked a cake yourself or just bought one from the supermarket, either way an extra drizzle of chocolate can’t go a miss. Another great way to put melted chocolate to good use is to make some of your favourite sweet skewers and dip them into it. We love a strawberry and marshmallow combination.

Chocolate Shards

Melt down a couple of your eggs, and even mix your white, milk and dark together if you really want to experiment. Once the chocolate is all melted together and slightly cooled, you can pop on your favourite toppings whether that be some more smaller chocolate treats or items such as nuts, raisins, or dried flowers (basically anything in the back of your kitchen cupboards which will work). After this step leave the tray of chocolate to cool somewhere and simply break or cut it into shards.

Do you have other ways you use up your leftover chocolate? We’d love to know more.

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